Bill Pay


Bill Pay

There is an easier way to pay your bills, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy FREE Bill Pay service through First Bank’s Personal Online Banking. No more checks, envelopes, or trips to the post office. Don’t worry about writing out those checks and the increasing cost of stamps. Let us "pay your bills"!

With this fast, secure, and convenient service, you can set up fixed payments to be paid on the same date every month or on demand. Pay any bill (excluding payments for taxes) - you name it! Mortgage, credit cards, doctors, utilities, etc. You specify who to pay, how much and when - the Bill Pay service will take care of the rest. Payments are guaranteed to be made when you request and in the amount specified. Never worry about missing a due date again. And with FB&T Bill Pay, you can schedule payments up to a year in advance. Add vendors anytime. Each Bill Pay transaction will be included in your monthly statement.




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