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Fresh & Responsive Website

We are proud to introduce this fresh, new website, and provide you with an updated online experience. Hosted on a secure, high-speed network with the latest technology, this enhanced website uses modern techniques for unique features that are built with the newest technology and browsers in mind.

Responsive design technology provides an optimal user experience viewed on any monitor, tablet or smartphone. We now have one site for all devices – smartphone, tablet or desktop because dynamic resizing applies to all content and images and an instantly adapted menu structure that fits your device.

Dot Bank Web Address

Along with our new look, we are transitioning to a new web address - fbt.bank. There is no action needed - we'll automatically redirect you to the new site.

"Dot Bank" websites include additional security features. They are a protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable space on the Internet for the global banking communities and the customers it serves. It has enhanced security requirements that protect us and our customers. Only verified banks that meet robust security technologies and practices can register a dot bank website or email, thereby minimizing the ability of fraudsters and cybercriminals to engage in spoofing or phishing attacks.

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