A Brief History of First Bank and Trust Company

First National Bank of Perry was formed in February 1934 with the investment of 84 citizens, school teachers, housewives, farmers, and business people who believed that, investing together, they could make a difference in their community and help others to achieve their dreams.  G.T. Webber became the bank's first president. By 1942, First National's deposits exceeded the one million mark, the first time a Perry bank had achieved that record since 1925, when First National consolidated with the Bank of Commerce. In 1957, the bank moved to the corner of 7th and Delaware and Carl B. Hamm became managing officer after Mr. Webber's retirement. In 1966 Mr. Hamm was named President. First National was granted trust powers as First National Bank and Trust Company of Perry, Oklahoma in 1972. A new banking facility was constructed and completed on the same corner in December, 1976 and later was expanded and remodeled again in 1983.

The formation of FNBT Bancshares Perry, Ok., Inc. holding company for First National Bank and Trust Company, was completed and became operational in 1986. One year later, the bank added a branch by purchasing The First State Bank of Billings, Oklahoma. In 1994, a complete redecorating of the bank was completed almost simultaneously with the conversion from a National Bank Charter to a State Charter. This conversion resulted in a new name: First Bank and Trust Company of Perry, Oklahoma.

On March 31, 1997, Carl Hamm retired and was succeeded by Joe C. Sewell, Jr., who had been with First Bank for 40 years. Gwen H. Easter, CPA was promoted to President and CEO in August, 2000 after fifteen years with First Bank and within six months the bank opened another branch by purchasing the First State Bank of Covington, Oklahoma.

After Gwen retired on June 30, 2016, the Board named Jon Q. Alexander as President & Chief Lending Officer and Shirley Scott as President & Chief Financial Officer.

In February 2020, the bank added its fourth location by purchasing The First National Bank of Pawnee.

With Shirley's retirement on December 31, 2021, Shelbi Duke was named President & Chief Operations Officer.

Perry's community owned bank continues to grow on a foundation of sound business practices, acceptance of the benefits of modern technology, and the commitment of a dedicated, professional staff...as well as an adherence to those pioneer standards which have withstood the trials and tests of time.


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